CE En 113 - Engineering Measurements

Spring Term 2012

Brigham Young University

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Objectives & Policies


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At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  1. Make order of magnitude estimates, assess reasonableness of solutions, and report appropriate levels of numerical accuracy (b)
  2. Understand basic coordinate geometry functions and how they are used in surveying to reduce field measurements to useable quantities for design and analysis (b)
  3. Make accurate horizontal and vertical angle and horizontal and vertical distance measurements (k)
  4. Operate a total station and make plans for their use in engineering projects (k)
  5. Close a horizontal traverse by computing distances, azimuths, bearings, accuracy, latitudes and departures and their accompanying adjustments to produce accurate coordinate locations. (b)
  6. Operate Global Positioning System (GPS) devices for mapping purposes (k)
  7. Understand the concepts between geographic and projected coordinate systems and the relationship of locally surveyed information to these global systems (b)
  8. Use basic functions of a Geographic Information System (GIS) to develop appropriately scaled and referenced maps of their surveyed data (k)
  9. Take measurements for and develop a topographic map (k)
  10. Design and layout horizontal and vertical alignments of highways (k)

CEEn Outcomes

This class is used to measure the following core Civil & Environmental Engineering Outcomes

b) An ability to design and conduct civil engineering experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data.

k) An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.


Homework will be due in the "CEEn 113 Homework In" file across the hall from room 371 CB by 5:00 pm the lecture after it is assigned. Turn it in according to the section you are in.  The late penalty will be 10% per day, and 50% after 5 days.  You are required to use Engineering Paper; write the date and time and your section # on your homework when you hand it in. The late penalty will not apply to Saturdays or Sundays. Thus, something that is due on Thursday but turned in on Monday will be two days late.  Graded homework will be in the "CEEn 113 Homework Out" file across the hall from room 371 CB.  

Turn in Lab Field Books in the "CE 113 Labs In" box across the hall from room 371 CB by Noon the day after your Lab.  Turn it in according to the section you are in.  Your TA will bring your graded Field Books to each Lab.  If you have a grading dispute with a TA, try to resolve it with the TA before bringing it to my attention. You cannot attend a lab that you are not enrolled in without receiving prior approval.

You may study old exams if you wish.  I encourage you to work together on your homework as long as you are all participating in the solution process and helping each other to learn. Copying someone else's answers is not allowed. If you have a question on the appropriateness of some action, feel free to ask me about it before you do it.

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